Monday, December 6, 2010

Were you a member at Would you like to sign up again? Take advantage of this special offer!!

A lot has happened since then, we now have the commercial version where you can search for all kinds of properties and not just residential and condos, we also have a website for Realtors and we have more features.
To see everything we have now please go to our homepage and click on “Training” or click HERE, you will see we have a video for everything we offer.
With your registration we will also offer you for FREE a two hour one-on-one training.
If you would like to sign up again I will offer you a special discount price.
The standard price for all available counties (we have 24 so far, more coming up soon) is $149 per month.
The standard price for one county is $80 per month.
The price for you:
Only $99 for all available counties and $60 for one.
To register and obtain your discount price go to our homepage click on Register Now and enter code 1615 or click HERE to register.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Xima’s Mortgage Tab

One of the many features offered by Xima.
Specially for those that are doing loan modifications or short sales with homeowners that have upside down properties is that it allows you to sort through all the properties in your area for properties that are not yet in foreclosure were the homeowners may have stopped making their payment but they’re not in Lis penance yet, not in Pre-Foreclosure or they may still be making their payment but they realize they have to do something. There is no other service that we are aware of that does this so far ahead of time. 
Click HERE to see the video

Friday, July 23, 2010

Xima’s Affiliate Program

Xima’s affiliate program pays you 20% monthly commission for the life of your referral’s commission.
For example:
If your referral is paying $60.00 a month (which is our current discounted rate for one county), then you receive $12.00 (20%) every month for the life of your referral’s subscription.
If your referral is paying $99.00 a month (which is our current discounted rate for all available counties), then you receive $19.80 (20%) every month for the life of your referral’s subscription.
Also, Xima offers you a New Referral bonus. On the second month of your referrals subscription, instead of receiving a 20% commission, you will receive a 50% Bonus payment (if they pay $60, your bonus is $30.00, if they pay $99.00; your bonus is $49.50). The New Referral bonus is only paid once and it is paid after your referrals pay their second month subscription.

You will also receive a 10% monthly referral payment for any referrals that your referrals bring for the life of their subscription. That is what we call the second level referral commission.

Learn more about Xima's Affiliate Program HERE.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your GPS to Equity

In today's Economy having a competitive advantage is extremely important, especially in this Real Estate market. We are no longer in a booming market so we need to work very smart in order to stay on top of the competition.

Whether you are a Real Estate investor or a Real Estate agent, with so much inventory available, and so many banks Foreclosing on properties, it is crucial to identify properties with a lot of Potential Equity in order to be Successful.

XIMA USA is that GPS which is going to direct you to all the Equity available in today's market. You don't think there is any Equity in today's Market? I invite you to see the demos below..

                                Click here>Where is the Market going?

                                Click here >Public Record and Comparables

                                Click here>Distresses Properties

"The experience of using Xima has been like no other. With Xima you have the opportunity to quickly look for houses in pre-foreclosure and with equity with the click of a button! My partner and I have been using Xima for a couple of month's now and we have saved so much money on mailings because we are able to target only those houses that have equity! It's great! It's very user friendly and that is very important. In addition the Xima representatives have weekly in office training sessions and they have recently added webinar sessions as well! The representatives are readily available for any questions you may have and are always very helpful. They are constantly updating their website so you're never behind on anything!

I've had the opportunity of using other software and I have to say that by far, Xima has been the most efficient! I definitely recommend it!"

Joanna A. Miami, FL

Features Xima offers

If you are or want to be in the Real Estate Business, this is the tool that you have to have !!!

Let me show you some of the Features you could enjoy with this tool:
Search by Equity (Properties that could be bought 30%+ under Market Value)
FULL ACCESS to Pre-Foreclosure/Foreclosure information in searchable format
FULL ACCESS to Listings (properties for sale by realtors) in searchable format
FULL ACCESS to Public Records (condos & single family) in searchable format
Run accurate Comparables (on closed sales, on active listings, & on rentals)
Identify new Potential Listings for Realtors, easy to sell
Map your results and do searches by map, by city, by zip code, etc...
Identify common errors in listings (# of bedrooms, # of baths, sq footage, etc...)
Identify Potential Short Sale Deals and loan modifiction prospects
Create BPO reports for the banks, and win the REO's listings
Create Reports to help you with the Short Sale Negotiation
Create and print Mailing Labels for Marketing with 1 click of your mouse
Look for retail buyer pospects around the property you have just bought
Have all information on Mortgages and liens attached to the property
NO Contracts (month to month payment), No Hidden Fees, No extra charges
Full free interactive training through Webinars (every week), live online support
Free live trainings, and much, much more...

Xima’s Support Forum

New!! Xima’s Support Forum, Sign up here:

FAQ’s for Xima

1.) What makes Xima different from other property search programs? Xima is the only tool that allows you to search for residential properties by equity.

2.) How does Xima determine Equity or D. Equity? Xima determines equity by looking at the market value of the property (market value is determined by calculating the median price of the properties within + or -10% square feet, .5 miles, that have sold in the last 12 months) and comparing market value to the total debt that is recorded for the property on Public Records.
The formula is:
Debt Equity = 100% * (Market Value – Total Debt)/Market Value
3.) What is P. Equity? What we are trying to determine here is if there is equity based on what the asking price for the home is vs what has sold recently.
The formula is:
Potential Equity = 100% * (Market Value – Listing Price)/Market Value
4.) What is A. Equity? What we are trying to determine here is if there is any equity in the property based what the active comps are selling for compared to what the listing price is.
The formula is:
Active Equity = 100% * (Active Value – Listing Price) / Active Value
5.) How often does Xima update the data? The data is updated on a weekly basis.

6.) How much does it cost to purchase one county? $80 is the standard price. $60 if you have a promotion code.

7.) If I purchase more than one county can I get a discount? Yes you can, $149 is the standard price for all counties (we have 24 so far),  Only $99 if you have a promotion code.

8.) How do I register to start using Xima? Go to and click on Register Now! To obtain the promotion enter the code 1615.

9.) How quickly after I register online can I start using Xima? Immediately after you enter your information online, fill in your credit card information, and complete the registration process you will be given access to start using Xima.

10.) What if I want to learn more about Xima how do I do that? By simply clicking on the training link at top Xima's homepage.

Also, you can learn more about Xima by attending our weekly webinar trainings that are on Friday mornings at 10:00 A.M.

11.) How do I get a hold of customer support? By either clicking on Contact Us  or by clicking on the Live Support icon at the top of the home page or contact us at:

12.) How do I search for pre-foreclosure properties that have equity?
• After you log in click on the public records tab in the upper left hand corner
• Select the county or the zip code that you want to do the search in.
(Keep in mind that you can do a search by map-to search by map all you have to do is click on the small green state of Florida icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen before you do any of the steps below)
• Then select pre-foreclosure under the foreclosure tab.
• Then select Equal or greater under the D. Equity tab and put a 40 in the box next to the tab.
• If you do not want properties that are for sale by a Realtor in your list then select no under the For Sale tab.
• Click on the Search Button